Social justice jargon watch

I’m just back from the Esperanto-USA  conference, so I’ll be posting (as appropriate) about that later.

I’m also still ruminating about the recent Unitarian Universalist Association General Assembly.

The first thought. It’s a red flag when someone starts a thought with some part or variant of Theodore Parker’s “arc of the universe” quotation and ends with (in so many words) “now do what I tell you.”

So, who's going to General Assembly?

I got a “personal” invitation to attend Phoenix General Assembly from UUA president Peter Morales by email on February 14. I do not now nor have I ever planned to attend. It surely has to be the most mixed and conflicted must-go/don’t-host event I’ve ever seen.

Are you going, or not, and why?

New congregation news within the UUA

Looking back over the last six months of UUA Board of Trustees minutes, I’ve found one congregational admission (45 members) and one merger (24 members), meaning no net change. That’s not good news for the association, but best wishes to the congregations in Ohio and Oklahoma.

from the General Assembly-timed June 21-27, 2011 minutes:

VOTED: To accept the following congregation as a member of the Unitarian
Universalist Association:
Harmony Unitarian Universalist Church
Morrow, OH

Additionally, it was reported that the UU Community Church of Norman OK had voted to dissolve and that the UU Fellowship of Norman, Norman OK, has voted to change it’s name to the West Wind Unitarian Congregation as of July 1, 2011, resulting in the two congregations of Norman, OK becoming one congregation

Planning for GA 2013: plenty of parking!

Just read this post at a Louisville, Ky. urbanism blog (Broken Sidewalks) that’ll I’ll keep in mind when I plan for the 2013 General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association.

There is an extraordinary amount of parking downtown — and so much of it in surface lots — and that means reduced amenities and a streetscape hostile to pedestrians. Or put another way, how far will attendees have to go to get a meal? Will you want to walk from a late-night event to non-adjacent hotel?

Please refer to that map, or a satellite view of downtown Louisville. The convention center is the double-square gray rectangle near the river. That shows two axes — south on 4th Street and west on Jefferson — for non-parking-lots.

Let’s hope one or both offers a cup of coffee on Sunday.