The old Messiah Universalist Home

Then and now. The old Messiah Universalist Home, a Philadelphia retirement home, dedicated in 1902, today houses a Chinese grocery.


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But no wistful tears. If memory of the successor institutions serves, it survives today — and probably more practically — as UUH Outreach.

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  1. I actually think that UUH Outreach is a creative way to reframe an elder-care institution. To support elders living in their homes through social services and emergency assistance.

  2. I am researching the history of my congregation, which was originally Universalist, in Athens, Pa. Our minister in the late 1950’s, the Rev. Harry Means, was on the board of the Messiah Universalist Home for at least six years. I’m trying to establish a connection between him and a couple from Phila who joined the Athens church in the wake of the consolidation controversy. Do you know where I can find out more details about the history of the Home?

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