Blog administration

Blog back up

Posted in Blog administration on March 6th, 2011 by Rev. Scott Wells – Be the first to comment

After a rough and somewhat magical transition between domain registrars, this blog is back up. Not sure what to do with it — as opposed to my Boy in the Bands blog — but I’ll give it some thought. Perhaps some sermonizing, but no promises.

Resuming here; different format

Posted in Blog administration, Universalism on May 20th, 2010 by Rev. Scott Wells – Be the first to comment

My intent was to use my long-standing Boy in the Bands blog for short and light things, and start moving to more substantial and theological work here — and to make my own named blog the standard bearer.

Well, Boy in the Bands has the readership and light subjects — and denominational ones, which are often quite heavy — make a more interesting hobby. And I don’t have time to write sermons.

After three months of silence here, I should change or put it on ice. I’ll choose to change first; I can always stop it later (as I’ve done with other blogs.)

So I’ll go back to my web roots: transcribing important Universalist documents, perhaps now with more of a curatorial eye. And if that prompts me to write a sermon, so much the better.

Scheduled outage . . .

Posted in Blog administration on October 3rd, 2009 by Rev. Scott Wells – Be the first to comment

Previously scheduled plans mean my blogging will be very light here and at Boy in the Bands for about two weeks. And approving comments and replying to email will be slow, too.

Yours patience is much appreciated.

Playing with themes

Posted in Blog administration on September 21st, 2009 by Rev. Scott Wells – Be the first to comment

I’m having theme heartburn and don’t want to mess with customizing something. Please forgive the rapid changes over the next few days.

Starting this blog

Posted in Blog administration on September 19th, 2009 by Rev. Scott Wells – 4 Comments

I welcome readers from my Boy in the Bands blog and earlier web endeavors, and newcomers. This new work will, I intend, hew closer to the faith and practice of Universalist Christians, which remains so close to my heart.

Ten years ago today, I was ordained to the ministry of the Gospel by Canon Universalist Church, Canon, Georgia. There and then, after the act of the congregation, I responded thus:

Friends: With a deep sense of responsibility, trusting not in my own strength, but in the grace and power of God, I take up the ministry to which you ordain me. I do pledge myself, so far as in me lies, to maintain the freedom of this pulpit; to speak the truth in love, both publicly and privately, without fear of persons; diligently to fulfill the several offices of worship, instruction and administration, according to the customs of this congregation and fellowship; and in all things so to live as to promote piety and righteousness, peace and love among this people and with all humanity.

Such a pledge doesn’t scan to a blog, but it shall be in my mind as I write and manage my words.